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As I pulled myself from the plane wreckage, I snatched the only remaining copy of my handwritten score from the flames just as it was starting to curl. I staggered a few metres and dropped to the dessert floor, surrounded by smouldering metal and staring up at the stars in the clear night sky. Had anyone seen the plane go down? Was rescue an option? While I was contemplating my predicament, I was only partially aware of a scuffling in the sand. Then I suddenly woke to the sound of the local wildlife but it was too late to stop several rat like rodents running deep into the darkness with my manuscript pages in their mouths.  I set chase but with only the faint light of the stars above it was a futile exercise. I returned to the warmth of the burning fuselage and began to write this new album in my head, wondering whether it might join me in turning to dust in the vast unknown. Or at least that’s what I tell people . . . .

. . . . in truth I have been writing instrumental music since before my days in the Crewe + Alsager College (Manchester Met) music studio where I took a degree in Creative arts. I was like a kid in a sweet shop and was amused at the thought of ‘having’ to write music for my assessments. Myself and my good friend and composer Johnathan Wrennal, would break into the college at night so we could work until the early hours of the morning. The studio had a Teac 4 track reel to reel, SoundMaster SR-88 drum machine, a Roland 101 synthesiser and the accompanying 12 note sequencer. We were in heaven. During those times and since then, I have written music for both my band and my other music projects as well as dance, theatre, film and TV projects. In the years since I have released four instrumental albums, as well as a number band and solo song based releases.

The song based album, ‘In This Moment’ is listed in the discography section of this site but that really falls under another project (Morgan Bryan and the Art) but as yet there is no site for this outfit.