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Music free to use with accreditation to Morgan Bryan

TV/Film Themes

Adverts/Podcast Backing
Download Barry Ipico
60's influenced spy/detective theme tune

Download Hummin & Drummin
Light and fluffy advert backing

Download Ripple and Change
Written for a meditation class

Download Covent Re-born
Lush classical styled theme. Think Oxford spires and summer lawns

Download Sheeeback
Faster pace advert backing

Download Piano Structure
Relaxed slow piano piece

Download Gameshow (Credits)
Written for a film short depicting a malevolent TV gameshow

Download Bright as a Button
Cheerful and fun advert backing

Download The Distance
Slow dream like piece. Electronic heart beat, drifting, and swaying



News Programme Themes
Rocky with brass

Jazzy feel


Download Island Festival
Imagine a Carribean island festival

Download The Jewel
Imagine a Russian/Jewish family party with dancing and mirth

Download Destructure
Dark, uncomfortable. Waiting on the ridge, not knowing what is coming

Download Gulf Dancer
Dancing in the dessert

Download The Rythm Method
Dark slow, slow, mildly menacing

Download Bedouin Babe
A face in a Turkish street market

Classical Influenced


Download Satie's Dream
A piano theme influenced by the work of Erik Satie

Download Cracks in the Past
Driving forward, positive energy