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In This Moment by Morgan Bryan

My new album, 'In This Moment' by Morgan Bryan, has recently been released. You can hear the whole album by going to the downloads page on this site and using the embedded MP3 player. The is available through most online retailers (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, etc.)

This is my first (solo) song based collection of songs and a sideways step from my more recent ambient/filmscape instrumental albums. The two previous instrumental albums, 'Aleep While The Rain Falls' and 'Under Every Sky', are still available through this site. In the past, as the singer songwriter for the band V-Sor,X, I also released a couple albums (still available from Genetic Music).

A lot of time and efforts went into the writing, recording, production and design of 'In This Moment' and I am very happy with the results. The album was formed from my live performances over the previous 18 months. It has been great to rediscover my acoustic guitar and take this live on stage. Most of the songs were written in this period, although the recorded tracks have a different feel from the live work. Recording allows me to create richer arrangements than as a solo performer on stage with just a single voice and guitar.

I hope you enjoy the new material, I am certainly pleased with the responses I have received so far.

Morgan Bryan


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