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Starts with an ambient feel, slowly fading into a motivating rhythm with an etherial melody, the iddle part has a repetition like waves, returns to the ain themes and finishes off with ambient sounds

A good time caribbean boogie, complete with trombones, trumpets, steel drums and percussion

Smokey double bass, sax, jazzy flute and piano. Imagine a private eye creeping along a dark London street (has a slight Pink Panther feel to it)

Drifty track with steady bass drum. I always think of it as a bird soaring through clouds above a desert

A long slow piece, that was originally written for a yoga class, with a relaxing ambience. I enjoy going to sleep to it :-)

Has a vague Erik Satie feel about it. I always imagine a 1960’s detective driving along a British country road in search of his nemesis

Another prominent double bass and electric piano. Quite moody with breathy strings. Opens up to squidgy synths and hammondesque organ

Imagine a Russian or Jewish family party in slow motion people dancing and spinning enjoying time with their relatives. Strong piano theme throughout, interspersed with string backing

All the tracks on this page are free to download and use in your productions (dance/theatre/fim/TV/podcasts/etc.). All I ask is that you credit the music to Morgan Bryan (and where possible a link to this site) or indeed you can commission something unique for your project. I have tried to add variety and certainly not all in my usual style


To download tracks to your own machine, right click the track title and choose ‘Save Link As . . .’